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      展會邀請 ▎迪拜 ? MEDLAB MIDDLE EAST? 麗拓生物與您相約世界貿易之都
      來源: | 作者:麗拓生物科技有限公司 | 發布時間: 2023-02-02 | 2926 次瀏覽 | 分享到:

       2023年阿聯酋迪拜實驗室及臨床醫學展覽會(Medlab Middle East),將于20230206~0209阿聯酋-迪拜世界貿易中心舉辦,Medlab Middle East擁有來自全球51個國家的數百家醫學實驗室制造商,提供一系列最新,最具創新性的實驗室醫學解決方案。

      2023 Dubai Laboratory and Clinical Medicine Exhibition(Medlab Middle East), will be held at the UAE-Dubai World Trade Center from February 6 to February 9, 2023. With hundreds of medical laboratory manufacturers from 51 countries around the world, Medlab Middle East offers a range of the latest and most innovative laboratory medical solutions.


      Founded for 23 years, Lituo Bio is a leading brand in the field of microbiology and maternal and child testing. In this exhibition, Lituo comes with the star products. Microbiological detection series products LTS-BMC90/80/60 Automated Blood Culture System strictly follow the American CLSI standard, and the performance is more reliable. Gynecological infection and infertility detection program: LTS-V800 Vaginal Secretion Analyzer realizes automatic morphological and chemical detection. Our new product LTS-C100 Immunoassay Protein Analyzer has an exclusive septuple joint detection of infertility. Cervical cancer screening series product LTS-3000A&B Liquid-based Cytology Smear Processor is truly fully automatic and highly intelligent. What is more, Lituo will exhibit more other core products - virus detection series, rotavirus/adenovirus detection, Helicobacter pylori detection products, etc.


      Lituo Bio has a strong research and development capability leading the industry trend. The core products have passed the EU CE certification. The products are exported to Russia, Europe, South America, the Middle East and other countries and regions. Welcome all partners to visit the exhibition!

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